La Preséf restaurant

The Michelin-starred Valtellina restaurant, eco-friendly and sourced at "metro zero": a gourmet culinary experience incorporating all the flavours of the territory

The restaurant of La Fiorida agriturismo

A cuisine of extraordinary emotions created by chef Gianni Tarabini

La Preséf (the manger, in local dialect) is one of the finest restaurants in Valtellina and in the province of Sondrio, and which since 2013 – a mere 2 years after opening – has featured amongst restaurants with a Michelin star, making La Fiorida the very first starred agriturismo in Italy. In 2022 the Michelin Guide also awarded La Preséf the prestigious Green Star for the excellence achieved in the field of authenticity and sustainability.

We like to define La Preséf as a restaurant of emotions: chef Gianni Tarabini presents a journey on which to discover creative dishes that derive their originality from the adoption and enhancement of local raw materials, from between Lake Como and the mountains of Valtellina: from the rearing of our very own animals, from the transformation of our milk and the products from our vegetable plots, flavours are created that are faithful to tradition and respectful of the seasons, and distinctively using an internal and zero km supply chain.

"We play with flavours to marvel and escape from what is predictable, in order to genuinely astonish with every mouthful."
Gianni Tarabini

The farm

Tradition, innovation and passion become food

La Preséf is a starred restaurant at the very heart of a genuine working farm, where an ancient culture has been handed down and which today represents sustainability, in both shape and substance. The dedication with which we take care of our animals guarantees their welfare and the quality of the products used in the kitchen.

A continuing flux of custom and practice mark the passing of time, hours and days are inspired by an ancient respect for the earth, the environment and Man.

This watchfulness brings to our kitchen pantry the ingredients that form the basis of all that we propose on our menu. Our supply chain is genuinely below km zero – the entrance to the restaurant is a stone’s throw from the farm leaving us therefore with plenty of time to focus exclusively on how to harmonise an orchestra of notes that make up our finest flavours.

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The dairy

Cheeses and other products of the Valtellina dairy tradition

Fresh milk from our herd is the farm’s “white gold” and brings with it the perpetual seasonal flavours of the Valtellina territory, which is reflected in the cheeses and products that the dairymen work on day in day out, and even in the mountain pastures during the summer months.

The products of our Valtellina dairy, starting with the renowned Valtellina Casera DOP cheese, are clearly the most loquacious narrators of a story which combines love of animals, for the territory that hosts them and for the centuries-old mountain dairy traditions of these valleys. This is why they will always have a place – as protagonists – on the menu of La Preséf.

The vegetable plot

Fruit and vegetables from our very own land

We anticipate through cultivation the joys and originality of each dish in our natural green pantry, a short stroll from the kitchen. And so too do nearby farmers in Valtellina who bring us daily the fruits of their own labours in fields, vegetable plots and orchards.

When we consider what to include on our menu, we are committed to nurturing this freshness, securing the very best balance between the fragrance of seasonal vegetables and their nutritional potential.

A worthy lesson appreciated when we consider the rural farming traditions of Valtellina, of which we narrate today through our most recent creations – the protagonists should always remain the fruits of the earth – unadulterated, in all their candor and authenticity.


the wine cellar

Wines from Valtellina - the fruits of heroic viticulture

Dry stone walls that stretch for more than 2500 kms and up to around 400 metres in altitude on the mountainside. You can’t help but notice them: they are the Valtellina terraces clinging to the sides of the Rhaetian Alps, on which the Nebbiolo vines have been heroically cultivated for millennia, known here as Chiavennasca, from which the very best local wines originate.

Our sommelier proposes a selection that underscores the real terroir of Valtellina wines, to reach a complete and ideal fulfillment to complement the story of flavours that La Preséf evokes on the palate.

Our Wine List is also enriched with propositions from other Italian regions, always with an eye to tradition and quality.


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